We are excited to be sponsoring 3D CIC March 4th – 7th in Golden, Colorado.

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (3D CIC) is one of the few industry conferences that concentrates specifically on MBD. The conference is known for having a thoughtful mix of presenters with a focus on implementors. We look forward to a great opportunity to hear about real-world examples of MBD implementation and be surrounded by others who are working to achieve similar goals and facing similar challenges. Learn more about the Conference and how to attend here at https://3dcic.com/.

If you are attending, visit the Belcan booth during breaks and check out our 3D CIC agenda below:

Sponsor Presentation – Intentional MBD: A Tale of Two Roads

Date: Tuesday March 5th

Time: 11:25am – 11:45am MST

Director of MBE, Mike Werkheiser, will be presenting on the two most common paths we see within our customers at Belcan for MBD implementation.

  • The “Easy Road” = MBD is a lightweight 3D viewer that replaces a drawing. The focus is on authoring MBD for a human consumer.
  • The “Hard Road” = MBD is a trusted and interoperable source and derivative CAD file. The focus is on balancing the needs of the machine and the human.

At Belcan, we advocate for the hard road that intentionally authors interoperable MBD that can be leveraged by the producers to return the promised value. Within this presentation we will focus on the importance of crafting a comprehensive MBE strategy that utilizes machine plus human readable and industry compliant MBD as a foundational element. Additionally, we will showcase why the hard road will outperform the easier options. Lastly, we will talk about the essential strategic actions that must be prioritized and how to measure success along your journey.

MBE Enthusiasts Happy Hour

Date: Tuesday March 5th

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm MST

Location: Table Mountain Inn, Kokopelli Conference Room

Join us for the MBE Enthusiasts Happy Hour sponsored by Belcan, Anark, Capvidia, ITI, Origin, and Sigmetrix. This event will be a great opportunity to network with others in the MBE space and learn more about how we can support your organization in their digital engineering journey.

ASME Y14/MBE Harmonization Joint Working Group Update

Date: Wednesday March 6th

Time: 9:10am – 9:45am MST

Evan Kessick, Principal MBE Engineer, will be providing an update and general overview of the ASME Y14/MBE Harmonization Joint Working Group and how interested individuals and organizations can help steer the ASME Y14 and MBE committees to support model-based definition and model-based enterprise efforts.

In this presentation Evan will review the harmonization JWG charter, review the groups past accomplishments, and review some of the top challenges the group has uncovered for MBD/MBE adoption.

ASME Y14/MBE Harmonization Working Group Meeting

Date: Thursday March 7th

Time: 1:30pm – 4pm MST

Evan Kessick, Co-Chair of the Y14/MBE Harmonization Working Group will be facilitating a meeting for the working group.

To learn more about Belcan and how we have successfully supported our customers for over 65 years, read our Q&A interview with 3DCIC at: https://3dcic.com/blog/signature-belcan/.

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