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Innovate, Experiment & Learn
Tools for Your Digital Journey & Beyond

Collaborate and experiment with digital technologies in Belcan’s Innovation Hub. Explore physical locations equipped with resource enabling technologies and engage in a curated ecosystem of innovators and experts.

Innovate With a Leader in Resource Efficiency & Engagement

Engage with an ecosystem of innovators and experts

Explore and define business challenges

Rapidly prototype and iterate solutions

Learn and train on agile development and flexible thinking

Develop innovations on a curated technology stack

Model Based Systems Engineering
Explore the MBSE environment to deliver new product designs more rapidly and at lower cost. Model full product lifecycles and effects of system interactions virtually to refine designs before physical build.
Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
Experiment with the possibilities of adding AR/VR to your daily work processes. Enable remote collaboration, fully virtual participation, simplified work instruction, and more.
Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
Dig deeper into the possibilities of data analysis and model building. These can be used to facilitate human decision making or automate business actions altogether.
High Performance Compute
Gain insight into the possibilities of building compute clusters to accelerate performance and process time for computationally intensive engineering or business routines.
Zero-Trust Architecture
Reduce risk, increase productivity, and improve business agility with zero-trust architecture. Enable remote, location-less service delivery in a high-performance environment.
Live Virtual Environment
Discover possibilities of workforce operating in simulated systems and environments. Model scenarios in a live virtual environment.

Belcan Innovation Hub

Benefit From Incorporating Emerging Technology Trends

Reduce Time and Risk When Experimenting With and Selecting New Technology

Collaborate and Learn With Others in the Ecosystem

Leverage Know-How From a Proven Leader in Resource Efficiency & Engagement





Learn how we can provide innovative solutions      
Learn how we can provide innovative solutions

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