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Community & STEM

Belcan’s philosophy is to promote the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to help shape and empower the next generation of scientific problem solvers. We will advance STEM through education, support, and volunteer activities. Collectively, we support an engaging culture, foster pride, and make the communities where we work better.

If you or your organization would like to request Belcan participation in your STEM events or activities, email us today.

Belcan Presents its Passion to Innovate Award at the CIC State Finals 2023

Inventing and innovating isn't just about knowledge or experience. It's not just about how good an idea you come up with, or how well you articulate your solution. It's also about earnestness, enthusiasm, interest, and dedication. In short, it's also about passion. This concept came into full picture at CIC State Finals 2023 where Belcan presented its Passion to Innovate Award, a first-of-its-kind award designed in recognition of a student whose attitude and passion -- including qualities like enthusiasm, open-mindedness, compassion, perseverance, and creativity -- best reflect the qualities of

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Belcan Platteville Office: Making a Difference in the Platteville Community

July 2023 - At the Belcan Platteville (PLV) office, community engagement is a core value. The team believes in giving back and making a positive impact in the Platteville community. Whether it’s through volunteering at STEM events, sponsoring programs, or sharing industry expertise, the team members actively contribute to various activities in the area. Here are some highlights of their recent endeavors. A Belcan Software Engineer dedicated his time during the past semester to volunteering at Platteville High School (PHS) as a tutor for grades 9 through 12 offering support

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Belcan Glasgow’s STEM Outreach Programme Sets Sail in Local Schools

What is the Belcan STEM Outreach Programme? This year the Belcan Marine Design Team from Belcan Glasgow, UK/ Nevis House launched a STEM Outreach Programme working with local primary schools (ages 5-11), offering fun activities to encourage excitement about STEM subjects, with an ever so slight bias slant on Marine! The Programme So Far Research has shown that children start making choices that will affect their career decisions from the age of 7, therefore, it is crucial to ensure that engineering is introduced to them and incorporated into their

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Learn how we can provide innovative solutions      
Learn how we can provide innovative solutions

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