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Workforce Solutions
Engineering & IT Managed Services to Meet Your Needs


Leading Talent
Recruit and assign thousands of technical, engineering and IT experts with accuracy and speed.
Partner Approach
Customised, collaborative service engagements made possible through deep customer and industry knowledge, resulting in high value and satisfaction.
Contractor Engagement
Employer of choice with hands-on connection to the workforce.
Quickly adapt to the ever-changing landscape and customer needs.

Belcan’s technical services segment provides industry-leading talent, technology, and customer service to fulfil your staffing requirements. With a robust pool of expert resources and a sterling reputation in the industry, we’re able to place the right people in the right position.

Technical Recruiting Services

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Contingent labour

Contract staffing has been at the core of Belcan’s business for decades. Our reputation allows us to attract top talent to match your specific needs. As an industry leader, we can provide the needed expertise quickly for either short or long-term projects.

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On-Site Workforce / Supplier Management

Through our vast experience in managed abour programs, Belcan is able to design, implement, manage, and streamline your contingent staffing process. Belcan’s rigorous selection process results in dedicated on-site candidates who understand your business and culture.

Direct Placement Services

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Direct Placement Recruiting

We are veterans in the recruiting industry, which is why we know that technical skills are only part of the equation when searching for the right talent. We have a proven track record at matching candidates in companies where they thrive and drive results.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Whether onsite, offsite, or offshore, Belcan is able to work with customers to develop custom outsourcing solutions that increase efficiency. Our extensive network can quickly and cost-effectively deliver a talented team of professionals with a proven track record for delivering results.

Enterprise It Services


We provide secure IT and OT infrastructure solutions and services with tangible gains in productivity and budget. Our team takes the necessary measures to align with your operational requirements to succeed.


Identify, Monitor & Manage Risk Across the Enterprise


Our mission is to understand how your information moves, who has access to it, and who shouldn’t. We build you a proactive continuous plan to identify and remediate your system’s vulnerabilities. Our team of subject matter experts (SMEs) have a strong performance record in:


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Cyber & Information Assurance

We know how to keep systems compliant with NIST, FISMA, FIPS, ISO and/or SOX, and fully compliant with both DITSCAP and DIACAP requirements.

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Managed Support Services

We use ITIL procedures in an ITSM-compliant environment to provide world-class service desk support to customers. We have experience with Remedy, ServiceNow and second-tier software systems to provide high first-call closure rates and low repeat call requirements.

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Network & Systems Engineering

We provide expertise in advanced cloud computing and network architecture initiatives throughout multiple federal networks and several commercial aerospace firms. We’ve implemented network access control solutions to bring dramatic improvements in both user and device security, while applying traffic engineering and load-sharing mechanisms within the network to make better use of existing circuit bandwidth and enhance the user’s experience.

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At Belcan We Are Driven by Our Values
Belcan’s legacy of excellence in engineering is driven by conviction. Our reputation allows us to attract top talent to match your specific needs.
Learn how we can provide innovative solutions      
Learn how we can provide innovative solutions

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