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Engineering Solutions
Project Execution Across the Full Product Lifecycle


Customer Value Proposition

Multi-dimensional Expertise
Over 4,000 engineering professionals with specialized skills delivering unmatched capability and scale.
Multiple delivery models to meet varying customer needs and resource strategies.
Our highly skilled team drives efficiency into our execution.
Right first time with industry-leading quality is a cornerstone of our business.

Belcan is a leading global provider of engineering services across a wide range of industries, uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our customers through our robust pool of talent and decades of experience engineering better outcomes.


Customers partner with Belcan to accelerate timelines and drive success at every stage of the project lifecycle: from initial analysis, to design, validation, and beyond. Because we’re able to provide experienced engineers for both full-time and contract work, you have access to unparalleled flexibility and agility, shortening time-to-market and supporting your business goals.


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Belcan is among the largest engineering companies in the U.S. providing end-to-end engineering services from conceptual design to aftermarket support. With multi-industry experience as a global supplier of engineering services, we can provide the quality resources you need, exactly when you need them.

Engineering & Analysis
Belcan manages one of the largest analysis teams in the U.S, with support for clients worldwide. Our comprehensive range of analytical capabilities is unmatched in the consulting industry—from structural and statistical analysis to computational fluid dynamics and analysis of software/control systems.

Modeling & Detailing
Engineering has been Belcan’s core business for over 60 years, which has helped us acquire some of the best design engineers in the industry. Our cross-industry capabilities and deep knowledge of commercial tools make us a valuable asset in the modeling process. We’ll work alongside you seamlessly as an extension of your team, utilizing your industry standards and codes.

Value Engineering
Through value engineering analysis, Belcan helps reduce lifecycle costs while maintaining quality, safety, and reliability. Belcan’s value engineering group works closely with supply chain management resources to provide the right solutions for your business needs. We excel in design for manufacturing and cost out initiatives for both new and legacy products.

We specialize in delivery of functional safety studies and engineering to provide full compliance with EN/IEC 61508 and EN/IEC 61511 safety standards. Our services include:

  • SIL determination (LOPA, FTA, ALARP, etc.)
  • IL Verification (RBD, FMEA, etc.)

Process & Technical Safety Engineering

  • Identification of Safety Critical Elements and development of Performance Standards
  • COMAH reports and Safety Cases
  • Process Hazard Assessments (HAZOP, HAZID, etc.)
  • QRA (consequence modelling, blast analysis, IRC, IRPA, PLL, F-N curve, etc.)
  • Safety Studies (FRA, EERA, ESSA, toxic gas impact assessment, etc.)
  • API 521 (venting and depressurization) engineering and compliance review
  • Fire & Gas detection/protection (3D mapping, performance criteria, zoning, etc.)

We turn your vision into reality. No matter what the challenge is, our plastic, aerospace, or mechanical engineers can take your design from a prototype to a fully functioning product.

Testing ensures that great ideas become great finished products, which is why Belcan supports a range of testing modalities: from simulation testing to lab-based and physical testing, including aircraft flight testing. From components and systems, to complete products, we work with you to fulfill all of your testing needs. Learn more about our Test Systems capabilities.

Safety and compliance matter to Belcan, which is why we employ industry experts who will help you meet and even exceed the standards of regulatory bodies like the FAA, FDA, UK CDM and others. We can also help you obtain a range of industry certifications, including ISO and NIST.

Product Support
Belcan’s product support engineers cover several industries, including aviation, rail, energy, oil, automotive and heavy equipment. We provide comprehensive MRO support to OEMs and equipment operators in the area of asset optimization, including supply chain optimization and intelligent analytics, which reduces shop visits and unplanned events.

Obsolescence Management
As new technologies and inventions emerge, others become obsolete. Proactively addressing obsolescence costs less and exposes you to less risk than a last-minute redesign. Belcan employs obsolescence experts who can help you minimize the financial impact of obsolescence by using analytics to optimize your inventory and evaluating families of parts for standardization purposes.

Technical Inspection
Belcan provides field engineering services to monitor complex equipment in service. Through state-of-the-art analytics, we monitor equipment remotely, examine trends, and predict failures in order to minimize down time.

Learn about our full Test Systems Capabilities


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Belcan’s systems and software division delivers outcome-based solutions over the entire product life cycle. Our engineers are experts in a range of focus areas, including product systems, embedded systems, test systems, verification and validation, and industrial internet and engineering analytics. We also offer software analytics services that can improve system uptime and lower total ownership costs.



Requirements & Analysis
Establishing system specifications and requirements is critical to the success of your new product. Belcan’s requirements analysis, system design, and aftermarket support services will accelerate your time-to-market while ensuring continued improvement over the product life cycle.


Architecture & Design
Belcan offers proven expertise in the development of large systems. Regardless of scale, we can help you create a unifying architecture and identify and correct problems that typically emerge early in the design process. Our engineers are experts at finding solutions that lead to cost-effective, accelerated testing of complex industrial systems.


Software Engineering
Our team includes some of the most experienced members of the software engineering community. Ramp up quickly with industry experts who can augment your existing resources onsite, work offsite to develop packages or subsystems, or even run a complete standalone system development project that minimizes your overhead.



Belcan’s verification and validation procedures ensure we meet all needed specifications, including the most important ones—your expectations. Meeting critical verification and validation milestones without compromising quality is a key enabler for ensuring rapid certification of aerospace, automotive and industrial products.


Verification & Validation
Belcan’s verification and validation procedures ensure we meet or exceed all needed standards and specifications—including your expectations. Our ability to achieve critical verification and validation milestones without compromising quality is a key enabler for ensuring rapid certification of aerospace, automotive, and industrial products.


Lab & Field Testing
Our highly experienced professionals utilize proven processes and tools to ensure testing integrity of key systems. Thanks to our rigorous, top-quality execution of both lab and field test plans, you can rely on a Belcan-tested system with confidence.


Enterprise Integration
Over time, systems can grow in complexity. Thanks to Belcan’s robust system design and testing background, our professionals can readily navigate integration with even the most complicated enterprise footprints. Our integration approach includes early warning alerts about your network’s health that can mean the difference between profit and loss.



Product Support
Whether you need support for legacy products, current products, upgrades, or routine or proactive maintenance, Belcan experts can customize a support solution to meet your unique needs and budget. Our highly trained associates leverage proven tools and processes to provide post-release support for products via streamlined MRO solutions.


Supply Chain Support
Thanks to our comprehensive design engineering experience, Belcan has the ability to combine manufacturing engineering and supply chain management support with component-based engineering knowledge. Our integrated solutions support robust supply chains that continuously improve to better serve your organization.


Predictive / Prescriptive Maintenance
Belcan has extensive experience preventing and mitigating damage to expensive and safety-critical products. Predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions reduce overall maintenance costs while maintaining reliability, sustaining productivity, and minimizing downtime.



Belcan offers Service Level Agreements (SLA) for the onsite repair and maintenance of equipment. Learn about our full Test Systems Capabilities.


Systems Engineering (ARP-4754 Compliance)
Belcan’s test systems team supports requirements development and allocation, system architecture definition, and certification planning for test systems, avionics, and control systems. We also provide full test system design (SRU, LRU, ESS, ATP-level), cable and harness design (rapid build production; braiding; hot stamp; ultrasonic welding), fabrication, and testing.


Hardware Engineering (DO-254 Compliance)
With full life cycle development capabilities ranging from requirements to rapid prototyping approaches, we strive to quickly and consistently achieve the results you require. Our expert engineers provide a range of hardware solutions to support your next project:

  • Electrical/thermal circuit design, test, and build
  • Schematic capture and PCB board layout
  • Electrical/thermal circuit analysis
  • Sneak circuit analysis
  • Worst-case analysis (WCA)
  • Elemental analysis
  • Custom hardware engineering solutions

Mechanical Engineering
Belcan mechanical engineers have deep experience with 2D and 3D mechanical design and fabrication of key structures including racks, enclosures, fixtures, cables, and wire harnesses. Our teams can also perform a wide range of mechanical analyses, including modal, shock, vibe, thermal, static, dynamic, and others. We stand ready to support you in-house or onsite.


Software Engineering (DO-178 Compliance)
We offer complete capabilities in software verification and validation and work to consistently deliver our customers timely results that are on or under budget. Belcan’s expert software engineers use Scrum/Agile-based techniques to support full life cycle development, from requirements, to implementation and testing, to release. Our processes operate in compliance with DO-178, offering independent design verification as well as validation and quality assurance services.


Belcan’s proven experience working within various environments (e.g., Visual Studio, Eclipse, Java, MULTI, C#/C++/C, Ada, NI Teststand, LabView, Veristand, SQL, Python, stored procedures) support a robust range of software engineering solutions:

  • Embedded systems (including for aerospace)
  • Full-stack test systems
  • Control systems
  • Real-time systems
  • Web services/.NET
  • Database design and implementation


Aerospace Embedded Software Expertise

Belcan has a proven track record of providing safety-critical software resources on time – and on budget – without sacrificing quality. Experienced Belcan engineers have the expertise and skill necessary to deliver reliable software for your aerospace embedded system. Learn more about our Aerospace Embedded Software Solutions.

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Learn how we can provide innovative solutions

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