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Multi-Function Display Product Line



Project Name:
MFD Product Line


Systems & Software, DO-178B Certification

- 63,700+ Hours
- 56+ Engineers
- 14+ Years

Project Scope

Belcan supported our customer’s MFD product line for over 14 years, eventually taking over full responsibility for all maintenance and enhancements, including systems engineering. The MFD is fully certified and maintained to DO-178B Level A. Belcan supported 40+ projects and certifications. The product line includes military and commercial applications, multiple fixed wing and rotary platforms. Cockpit configurations include up to 5 interconnected displays. The functionality of each display is configurable via a field loadable configuration data file.



The Belcan team provided full lifecycle (systems and software) turnkey support of the MFD product line including full DO-178B certification. Belcan was the Center of Excellence (COE) for the MFD product.


Key Values / Benefits

The fact that Belcan was functioning as the Center of Excellence for the MFD product line freed up the customer’s resources to develop new products and pursure new business.

Active Matrix/Liquid Crystal Display, 4.22” x 4.22” active display area, NVIS Class A (green, blue) Class B (all colors)
TMS320C31 Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Tartan Ada Run Time System (RTS), Tartan Ada Development System, C31 Ada Compilation System, AdaScope Debugger, TI TMS320c3x Source Debugger
Rational Apex, TestMate MCDC, Software Documentation Automation (SoDA)
IBM Configuration Management Version Control (CMVC)
Backlight control, Character Set Data File
Operational Program Configuration (OPC) Data File
Fixed boot code
ARINC-615-3 Dataloader software and Maintenance Pages (DO-178B Level C), on-aircraft Cross Dataload Functionality
Ada and Assembly
Attitude Direction Indicator (ADI)
Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)
Primary Flight Display (ADI/HSI)
Arc Map, 360 Map, Plan Map (waypoints)
TCAS, EGPWS, WXR (ARINC-453/708), TAWS (overlays, pop-ups)
Hover Page, Electronic Checklists
RS-170, PAL and NTSC video, ARINC-429
Built-in Tests (BIT), Power-up (PBIT), Continuous (CBIT), Initiated (IBIT)

Supported system requirements development and system design
Supported cockpit working groups, flight tests, and stage of involvement audits for many programs and customers
Supported design and development of verification environment
Supported development of software architecture, software requirements, software design, and source code
Incorporated key features including the implementation and certification of the OPC approach making the MFD configurable
Performed complex system integration activities with many external aircraft systems including WXR, EGPWS, TCAS, TAWS, and FMS.
Integrating with multiple manufactures of the same type of equipment, for example different brands of Flight Management Systems
Created and qualified tools used to build the OPC file. Updated automated test environment to reduce cost of regression testing required for over 40 programs
Supported software V&V for Requirements Based Testing (RBT) and Structural Coverage Analysis (SCA)

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