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Model Based Systems Engineering Training Program

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01/ Modeling
02/ Arch. & Sim.
03/ Team Lead
04/ Learn With A Team
05/ Add’l Opportunities
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Level 1 training focuses on building the specific modeling skill-set using standard modeling languages.

Level 1 engineers can immediately add value as the modeling engines for their working groups. Hands-on project work and workshops offer real-world opportunities to apply new skills. Working with a multi-domain team provides the context for how models inform all of the processes in the MBSE operating model.

Good to Know

A cohort will focus on application of a specific modeling tool , which may change by cohort

Exposure to architecture and simulation processes as part of the broader team lay the groundwork for advanced learning

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2/Architecture & Simulation

Level 2 training allows you to focus on gaining a specialty in either Architecture Development or System Simulation.

Level 1 graduates with at least 10 weeks of professional modeling experience can progress to Level 2. Level 2’s develop leadership skills through work application and project participation.

Good to Know

Building system architecture allows you to think about systems in many ways, from multiple viewpoints.

Simulation skills allow you to incorporate new information into the system design without doing a physical build, this is for digital twin enthusiasts!

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3/Integrated Product Team Lead

Integrated product teams are the working groups in the MBSE framework. IPT’s work together to handoff full work packages or sub-system designs to the next phase of the process.

IPT leaders are responsible for the efficient execution of the MBSE process and are ultimately responsible for the quality of the team’s output. IPT leaders create an environment for the team to be successful. The IPT leader coordinates the team’s sub-system into the overall integrated system model and ensures interfaces are optimized. MBSE is the ultimate team sport, and Level 3 prepares you to be team captain!

Good to Know

Level 3 training provides an opportunity to lead projects that contribute reusable engineering artifacts.

This work receives leadership sponsorship and may contribute to reference libraries and innovation demonstrations.

IPT leads emphasize the culture of the MBSE framework and ensure operating models, decision making, and review processes happen efficiently.

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4/Learn With A Team

Belcan’s Model Based Systems Engineering Training Program offers the opportunity for engineers to enhance their skill-set with a new way of working.

You will join a learning group of multi-domain engineers who will learn, work, and apply new skills together with professional guidance and instruction. All Levels are three months in duration, with defined start dates, dedicated instruction, real work application, and additional project and workshop opportunities.

Good to Know

Access to MBSE tools in a cloud-based training environment will be provided

All training can be accessed/ delivered remotely

All instructors are highly experienced, recognized experts in the MBSE field

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5/Additional Opportunities

You will have opportunities for deeper-dive workshops and projects that demonstrate relevant capabilities.

Good to Know

Projects may be featured at Belcan Innovation Hub locations, become coursework that other engineers can learn from, or contribute to Belcan’s MBSE reference library of tools, methods, templates, and style guides.

Projects also offer ability to collaborate externally with customers or partners and focus on motivating and inspiring engineering pursuits.

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