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Benefits of
Model Based Systems Engineering

Top / 5
01/ Lower-Cost of Complexity
02/ Speed of Execution
03/ Models Communicate
04/ Enable Reuse
05/ Multi-Domain Engineering
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1/Lower Cost of Complexity

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is beneficial for high complexity, capital intensive, engineering endeavors.

MBSE provides an effective methodology for managing the processes of complex product development, execution & build, and lifecycle sustainment at lower cost. As the complexity of engineered systems increases, a coordinated and inclusive cross-functional approach can mitigate unintended impacts and the high cost of poor system performance and output.

Capture The Benefit

A cross-functional, model-based approach provides more control over selecting for optimized system performance

The MBSE methodology provides a framework for organizing, managing, and improving decision making throughout complex engineering lifecycles

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2/Speed of Execution

Traditional engineering processes can isolate design and execution phases from one another. MBSE brings them together.

This provides multiple check points for evaluation of cost, quality, and delivery performance. MBSE also leverages the models as a starting point for design, as well as, the artifacts of execution.

Capture The Benefit

There is no hard transition from design to execution in MBSE

The models created in design are the models used in execution

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3/Models Communicate

We can learn so much more from digital models than static documentation. The models provide a valuable feedback loop to promote higher quality decision making and increased cross-functional communication. They also become a valuable digital asset that lives with the product throughout its lifecycle.

Component models can be optimized and incorporated into the full system models. This provides ability to drill down to specific system details while leveraging the same digital assets to optimize performance of the full system. Detect defects earlier, identify unwanted system interactions, proliferate changes, model scenarios, and more.

Capture The Benefit

Team culture is very important in capturing the benefit a model-based approach can provide. It is necessary to establish processes that enable the team to effectively learn-from and act-on information from the models

Establishing feedback loops and integrating business systems ensures the digital models can be leveraged throughout a product’s lifecycle and supports continuous validation

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4/Enable Reuse

Existing component level models or modular system assemblies can be easily incorporated into new products.

This also makes it possible to proactively design for the future use of a component or assembly across several product lines. This enables product line managers to optimize design, manufacturing, and material cost. If something changes later (e.g., part obsolescence), the same models can be used to iterate new options within the system and proliferate changes in all other usage scenarios.

Capture The Benefit

Encourage efficiency and cost savings through reuse of modeled components or assemblies

Leverage the methodology to proliferate changes during the product lifecycle

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5/Multi-Domain Engineering

Most programs require the expertise of multiple engineering domains working together. MBSE provides a framework for that multi-domain collaboration.

Capture The Benefit

Leverage the MBSE methodology to promote effective collaboration among engineering disciplines. (Mechanical, electrical, software, manufacturing, etc.)

Develop a culture of continuous validation throughout the life of a program to capture efficiency and cost savings as conditions evolve.

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