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Belcan Referral Program



Refer a Friend to Belcan and Earn Rewards

Here at Belcan we pride ourselves on the quality of the people we hire and work with. We know great people know great people. Many of our best hires and relationships started with a referral from someone just like you! We also recognize the value of the networks of the people we work with, which is why we offer rewards of up to $1,000 or more if Belcan hires someone you refer.


If you know someone who would be a good fit for a current or future role with Belcan, we would like to meet them. Please complete the form below and a recruiter will reach out.

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Who are you referring to Belcan?


General Rules & Guidelines
Employee (Internal) Eligibility
All active Belcan employees (internal staff) are eligible for a referral bonus. Exceptions: Staff employees on a bonus/commission plan or family members, Human Resources or any of their relatives, Senior management and executives, Hiring managers for positions for which they are hiring or will be directly or indirectly responsible for. They can refer someone for a position in other departments or functions.

Contract Employee Eligibility
All active Belcan W-2 contract employees are eligible for a referral bonus. Exceptions: Contract program directors/managers for roles they are hiring or will be directly or indirectly responsible for.

Non-Employee / External Referrer Eligibility
All Non-Belcan employees over the age of 18 and eligible to work for an employer in the US without sponsorship are eligible for a referral bonus. Exceptions: Third party recruiters, recruiting agencies, suppliers; Managers of Belcan customers; Relatives of Belcan employees on a bonus/commission plan, or relatives of Belcan Managers ; Federal Government employees are ineligible.

Payment of Bonus
For contract placements, a referral becomes eligible for bonus payout following 60 days (480 straight-time hours) of continuous employment. Referrals resulting in Direct Hire placements become eligible following satisfaction of guarantee period (typically 90 days, based upon client requirements). All Payments made under this plan are taxable income. Non-Belcan W-2 employees will be required to submit a completed Form W-9 prior to your bonus payment being processed. Once the W-9 is received, it must be returned within 60 days to claim the bonus.

Subsequently, a 1099 form will be mailed to the referrer by January 31st of the following year. Please note the amount is taxable, no taxes will be withheld by Belcan and all taxes are the responsibility of the referrer. The referrer should consult a tax professional for questions. Typically bonuses will be paid out within 30 days of meeting the applicable criteria.

General Rules
You must register the referral at this site ( – address to TBD). A referred candidate remains valid for one year once received by Belcan. Self-Referrals will not be recognized for bonus. A referred candidate cannot be a present Belcan employee, contractor, an employee from any of Belcan’s subsidiaries, or currently be an active recruit by Belcan (if a Belcan Recruiter or Manager has talked to the referred candidate within 90 days, the referral is not valid). If more than one employee provides the same referral, the employee who turned in a referral form first will receive the credit. Belcan will make all final decisions on referrals and finders fees eligibility and retains the right to modify this policy at any time.

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