Belcan, the global supplier of engineering, supply chain, technical recruiting and industrial technology services has joined the Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) as an associate member. With engineering offices in Scotland which service a large client base across aerospace, automotive, industrial and utility sectors, Belcan also provide digital and industrial cyber security support services through its subsidiary, Lagoni Engineering.

March 9, 2021 – In collaboration with PNDC’s Communication and Systems Integration team, Belcan has identified key assignments it is keen to undertake which will contribute to research and development of enhanced cyber security functionality, initially to the benefit of a number of electrical distribution network operators.

Thomas Olsen, VP Digital and Cyber, commented:

“We are delighted to confirm our membership of PNDC. We acknowledge the important R&D work carried out by PNDC in collaboration with industry and this is our next step towards contributing to transformational developments which will deliver tangible benefits to other members of PNDC. This research activity will initially focus on the use-cases identified by the DNOs especially UKPN and SSE, with whom we will collaborate closely to address their digitalisation and cybersecurity initiative.

The PNDC forum will provide Belcan with a platform to share our industry knowledge of digital and cyber security techniques which we embed within control and safety systems. This facilitates not only more secure and safer environments for operators but processes and filters critical data so it is available at the right place at the right time, empowering accurate and safe decision making.”

Steven Whyte, Senior Business Development Manager at PNDC, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Belcan as Associates of the PNDC, and to support the development of their solutions to provide cyber secure and resilient energy networks. This is a truly exciting time in our industry as we see a transition towards decentralised and increasingly digital energy systems, the PNDC looks forward to working with Belcan to deliver the technologies required to enable this evolution.”

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