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Focusing on Speed & Delivery
Custom-Tailored Solutions to Optimize Manufacturing Processes
& Improve the Supply Chain


Belcan’s approach to the automotive and transportation industries is simple: support our customer’s strategic plan by focusing on profitability, safety, and efficiency, but never by sacrificing innovation. We are experienced in designing automotive, rail, on and off-highway components and systems, software, controls, diesel engine packaging, and emission controls. Our deep engineering expertise and technical consulting capabilities ensure that we have the tools—and people—to support your business goals and help you navigate the entire product lifecycle.


At Belcan, we analyze your existing manufacturing procedures and find ways to quickly and efficiently bring a new product to market. Our consulting services are equipped to help organizations gain a competitive edge by optimizing their supply chain, improving current processes, supporting tooling transfer execution and offering managed response teams to address emerging issues as needed.

An Engineering Pedigree that Spans Multiple Domains

Thanks to decades of experience and our extensive in-house capabilities, we’ve been able to deliver a range of services tailored to the needs of some of the world’s largest automotive and transportation organizations. Our recent projects include:

automotive engineering working in warehouse

  • Engine compartment packaging & clearance study
  • Electrical system design & integration
  • Class A surfacing

automotive engineer design vehicle mold

  • Fabrication of prototype wiring harness for development testing
  • Lines/harness routing optimization
  • Animated work instructions to reduce assembly issues

interactive touchscreen dash in vehicle

  • Tolerance stack ups of flex plate, converter, and transmission interface
  • Cost reduction & modular design
  • Frame weldment improvement for increased loads

engineers discussing automotive design

  • Range of motion analysis
  • Structural FEA for transient rollover & crash analysis
  • Crash model development
Learn how we can provide innovative solutions for your company      
Learn how we can provide innovative solutions for your company